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The Event

The stylish atmosphere in the garden centre with countless impressive candles, wonderfully fragrant plants and great products became a feast of the senses for every visitor.


Partners at the event were exclusively suppliers with high-quality products that met the needs of the discerning clientele and are located in the high-quality sector.
The owner-managed shops were also personally represented on site.



Founded in 1770 by the french philosopher Voltaire, the world of Manufacture Royale is defined by a particular and authentic kind of luxury. The source of its singularity is its ability to draw inspiration from the great watchmaking tradition and transform it into an original expression.
The brand’s legacy is rooted in the future, which is the source of inspiration for its limitless creativity. The evolution continues, and a different interpretation of watchmaking emerges through it.
Authentic Luxury Lifestyle, Swiss Design


In addition to the brilliant pieces of jewellery, premium leather bags, lambskin coats, jackets, couture and accessories from the ‘True Love’ brand were presented. This brand stands for products that are manufactured with love and from the finest materials in a small workshop in Italy.
The Gentlemen's Brand


The attractive pieces are only available in selected specialist shops. The “Rubirosa” brand will be showing the finest leather goods for men at the White Diamonds event. The hand-stitched shoes guarantee maximum quality and unsurpassed wearing comfort. The label, named after the legendary Porfirio Rubirosa, convinces with its special edition for Gross Couture.


The caterer of “Lust auf Mehr”, Chris Züger, who premiered his “Feuerring” 4 years ago on the occasion of the 111th anniversary of Gartencenter Hoffmann, was looking forward to the event: “Hoffmanns’ are, so to speak, the midwives of my company and I am very much looking forward to the event on 6 September”.
The guests will be amazed at how many different dishes can be cooked on the Feuerring. Chris Züger will grill on several fire rings.


Another restaurateur was able to enchant the guests on this evening in a culinary way: Bacchus Weine imports fine wines from selected wineries mainly from the Lake Garda region.